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Trading doesn't need to be an emotional roller coaster. We’ll show you how your trading style influences your decisions, and teach you how to trade and invest consistently and with confidence.

Your Emotions are Costing You

Stay the Course, No Matter the Market Conditions

Consistent returns depend on a proven trading plan and the skills of the trader to execute. We prepare you for both.

Our proven methods and training programs are aimed at self-directed traders and investors who want to go beyond just improving their technical analysis skills. We help you harness the emotions, from fear to euphoria, which impact your investments.

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Beyond the charts, learn how to evaluate your trading style and outcomes for consistent and confident trades.

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1-on-1 skill-building to define your goals, develop a plan, and eliminate your costly trading errors.

Learn the Method, Get the Mindset

Your mindset can greatly impact results, positively and negatively. Our courses include simple steps for identifying, understanding, and correcting your emotional triggers. Then you get a cohesive, step by step process you can follow to develop a plan with a focus on controlling risk and emotions.

Introduction to Trading With Pattern Recognition

Includes $99 off the Mastering Pattern Recognition course.

Introduction to Fibonacci Ratios

Introduction To Harmonics and Repetitive Swings

Introduction to the AB=CD and Gartley Patterns

Introduction To the Powerful Butterfly Reversal Patterns

Three Ways To Use The 3 Drive Pattern

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Stay the Course, No Matter the Market Conditions