8-Week 1-on-1 Coaching Program

First 8-week program: $1,495
Each additional 8 Week program: $1,175

I work with the individual trader based on their starting point and create the 8 week coaching program based on individual needs.

I originally designed this course for traders who have experience in the markets but are not reaching their goals and are finding large "gaps" between what they study in books, other courses, videos and then attempt to move into trading real-time trading environments. Usually, with subpar results. This is where bad habits are formed. It can take years for traders to realize they do not have a solid foundation to be consistent and confident in the markets. This can lead to frustration and many trading errors that are costly.

Books are stagnate and the price charts shown don't move in real-time. Most traders are not prepared for shifts in market environments. Do not know how to evaluate trending markets versus ranging markets or the different price tendencies in up markets versus down markets.

This is an interactive program. You will be doing chart, pattern and trade exercises (Note; traders must demonstrate knowledge in the preceding skill levels in order to move to the 'Trade Plan Execution' section.) I give you feedback as we go and you build trading skills.

We meet online 5 sessions, 1 hour 15 minutes each and communicate by email and short video tutorials that I create for you personally.

New to trading? I can work with you too, helping you to get on a path developing good skills and habits. We'll evaluate where you are starting and develop a plan just for you for the 8 week 1-on-1 coaching.

Here are some of the topics that may be covered during the 8-week 1-on1 coaching. The topics covered will depend on prior trading experience. Example: an experienced trader with a strong foundation in pattern recognition skills may be able to cover trading plan materials, whereas a trader new to the markets may need additional blocks of coaching to build skills before tackling other topics:

Developing Routines: prepares you for the trading day/week.

Harmonics: these are what form all chart patterns for trading setups. Understanding these in the market/markets you trade will teach you how swings are contracting or expanding and constantly forming.

Pattern Recognition: (structure of AB=CD, Gartley, Butterfly trading patterns); this is the foundation that determines what you trade

Market Environments: Contraction and Expansion Phases; Putting odds in your favor. Understanding the type of environment price is in will determine your trading tactics. I'll teach you these important concepts and demonstrate different scenarios on my charts. This topic is a game-changer for many traders.

Fibonacci Ratios and Extension Ratios: how to apply to trading patterns, trade management, retracements and support and resistance

Support/Resistance: 7 simple methods); strengthens technical analysis skills for trading setups

Classic Chart Patterns: these go hand in hand with the harmonic trading patterns you will learn

Reversal Patterns: identifying reversal patterns will give traders an edge managing trades and avoiding low probability set-ups.

Combining Time Frames: this is a powerful tool to identify setups, entry and exit points.

Stop Loss Placement/Risk Management: I'll review what you are currently using and make recommendations. If you do not use a stop-loss consistently I will show you methods for placing stop-losses.

Creating a Trading Plan: your trading plan guides you through the uncertainty of price. We never know what price will do, having simple rules will allow traders to build skills executing a trade plan instead of guessing what the market will do.

Mindset Error Identification: subtle errors are probably costing your bottom line. Learn how you can get your mindset and method in synch and know when those two elements are out of synch and create a plan for overcoming those errors.

Execute Your Trading Plan: If you have strong foundations and skills in the preceding sections then you are ready to learn the value of trade execution skills. This is where you learn to identify how you make money and how you lose money. The smallest of errors can be identified with this topic. (Note: This topic will usually require multiple coaching sessions).

I evaluate every step of your trade plan, including trade setups and outcomes of trades with you in this portion of the coaching. We identify and evaluate strengths and areas that need more practice and skill-building. This is where you learn to blend 'Method and Mindset'
Master Your Trades. Master Yourself.

Note: Traders must demonstrate knowledge in the preceding skill levels in order to move to the Trade Plan Execution section.