Trading Live Online Self - Study Course

This Self-Study Course is designed for traders wanting in-depth materials and training on pattern recognition setups, such as the AB=CD, Gartley and Butterfly patterns covered in the book, 'Trade What You See, How to Profit from Pattern Recognition' that they can study at their own pace.

The Trading Live Online Self-Study Course goes far beyond book learning and is designed to build skills for real-time trading. It teaches you strong skills using materials and actual market setups, recorded in real-time how to identify and monitor setups that are forming.

 The real-time recorded trade set-ups explain step by step why a pattern setup is valid or invalid. These live market videos point out where hesitation points may occur and what to do.

You study and learn techniques for entering setups, placing stop losses, moving stop losses and exit strategies. The videos walk you through setups from the earliest point of pattern recognition to the end of trades, including identifying important warning signs.

*Includes 1-Year access to Course Materials
*Includes 1-Year access to the Live Trade videos
*Includes PDF book, ‘Essentials of Trading, It’s Not What You Think, It’s How You Think’, by Leslie Jouflas and Larry Pesavento.

The Self-Study Course Materials Teach You with Real Trades Recorded in Real-Time.

"When I created these materials, I wanted to give traders tools that were "non- static", meaning, what are traders most likely to experience in real time, where are the gaps from books to live markets and what are the major roadblocks that we all face as traders?

 Books are great for learning information, but they are static, they are not real- time in moving markets and I wanted to fill that gap educationally with materials that could teach in real-time and address the many challenges faced by all traders."

  • I show you real time strategies for entries, profit targets, stop loss placement and
  • I narrated each trade to help you learn to be a consistent trader in the markets.
  • I show you how to trade these pattern setups by reading support and resistance areas.
  • I will help you learn to identify the pattern structures in real time.
  • I show you where mental errors are likely to occur.

 - Leslie Jouflas, CMT, Founder of TradingLiveOnline, LLC


Course Materials

3 Day + Bonus Day Recorded Seminar

Day 1 Includes

  • What do you need to be successful as a trader?
  • Probabilities
  • Using worksheets and spreadsheets
  • Fibonacci ratios and harmonics
  • Chart examples


Day 2 Includes


  • Tick charts and bar charts
  • Pattern recognition
  • AB=CD and the Gartley pattern
  • Butterfly pattern
  • Fibonacci extension patterns
  • Chart examples


Day 3 Includes


  • Identifying and trading trend days
  • Using support and resistance
  • Trade Management
  • Chart Examples


Bonus Day 4 Includes


  • Follow up questions and answers


3 Day Recorded Seminar Also Covers These Topics:

  • Psychology of Trading; build a method to manage and track trading to identify emotional errors. Learn how this one topic can be responsible for a large impact on a traders profit and loss statements.
  • Identify and Use Support and Resistance Levels with Pattern Recognition
  • Warning Signs that may indicate a setup is avoided
  • Pattern Recognition Skills Including: Information On Working With Fibonacci Extensions With These Patterns:
  • AB=CD Pattern, including Range versus Trend
  • Gartley Pattern
  • Butterfly Reversal Pattern
  • Bonus Day 4 Follow Up Question and Answer Session
  • Materials and Examples of Tracking Trade Statistics
  • Materials and Templates to Build Your Own Trading Plan


Recorded Live Trades - narrated recorded live trade setups with the AB=CD, Gartley, 3 Drives and Butterfly patterns.


 The narrations of each video walk you step by step through trade setups both winning and losing. It is just as important to study losing trades as it is winning trades.

Here are some of the subjects you will find in these videos:


  • AB=CD Pattern trade setups
  • Failed AB=CD setup
  • Gartley buy pattern
  • Three Drive in a trend using the EURO



3 Day Trend Day Workshop Recording with 12 follow up videos with subjects such as:


  • Conditions preceding trends
  • Using ADX in trends
  • The 3 Amigos - ADX, RSI & MACD
  • Entry and re-entry techniques
  • Down Trend characteristics
  • Trend reversal days


The Trading Live Online Self-Study Program Materials Will Build Skills In These Areas:


  • Learn trading skills for consistent profits and managing losses
  • Learn to choose high probability trade setups
  • Learn to trade in up, down and range markets
  • Learn to trade with confidence by minimizing your risk
  • Learn real-time trading in all market environments
  • Learn to structure your trading as a business


The Educational Video and Articles Library contain many more videos and articles not listed here that you will be able to study at your own pace.


Price $349-This is a non-refundable course. Includes 1 Year Access.


" I spent over a year recording live trade setups that occurred in all types of market conditions. I feel these materials will truly help traders fill in the gaps between static books and live trading.

I wanted to show traders what they are likely to see, think and feel as patterns are forming in real time, before they completed. There is no right edge of the chart filled in with these examples, instead we are looking at setups as they happen so you can learn how to incorporate into your trading plan scenarios that you will encounter."

- Leslie Jouflas, CMT, Founder of TradingLiveOnline, LLC

Leslie Jouflas is a Chartered Market Technician and holds the CMT designation, the gold standard for technical analysts around the globe.

She has over 20 years of experience in the financial markets developing trading methods with harmonic and classic technical analysis chart patterns. She can teach you how to trade these patterns!

She's authored the best-selling book, 'Trade What You See, How to Profit from Pattern Recognition' along with Larry Pesavento who introduced Fibonacci ratios combined with many of the patterns you will learn here.

Are you one of those traders trying to crack the code and learn how to trade with confidence? Are you trying to master the chart patterns and gain the skills to apply them in the market you trade?

You will learn the keys to confidence and consistency in trading.

With 20+ years of experience in the financial markets, creating powerful trading methods with harmonic and classic technical analysis chart patterns, she is here to show you everything you need to make an informed decision.

  • Basic understanding of price charts helpful but not required
  • Desire to succeed and learn a process to build trading skills

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