1-on-1 Trade Tracks Coaching Sessions

Length 1 Hour 15 Minutes
Price $150 per session

Skill topics below are examples of what you can focus on for your 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Let me know when you sign up the topic you would like to focus on and I will tailor the session to that topic for you.

1. Pattern Recognition - Price is always in motion and traders decide where they enter and exit. Therefore a strong foundation identifying and understanding the structure and price behavior is essential.

2. Classic Technical Analysis Skills - learning basic technical analysis concepts will improve your trading skills. You will learn easy to identify chart formations and the difference between trending and range trading conditions. I put my Chartered Market Technician's designation to work for you and my 20+ years of experience to show you the important items to focus on with chart patterns.

3. Trade Plan Design - Most traders don't have a trading plan. Without a trading plan every action in the markets is random and  will create subpar results over time. The trading plan is one of the strongest tools you can create. It is your roadmap to building consistency and confidence in the markets. (Note; traders must demonstrate knowledge in the preceding skill levels in order to move to the Trade Plan Execution section.)

4. Execution Skills - There are underlying errors that are costing you lost profits and unnecessary losses. There are common errors most traders make, but if you don't know how to find them you have little chance of improving and advancing as a trader. (Note; traders must demonstrate knowledge in the preceding skill levels in order to move to the Trade Plan Execution section.)

5. Master Your Trades. Master Yourself.  Mindset Skills - Method and Mindset go together. You can't have one without the other. You have to include learning your "mindset" and how it affects your bottom line. If you fail to define your risk, let losses turn into larger losses, exit winning trades too soon, move your stop loss up too close and/or too soon your method and mindset are not working in synch.

 If you  hesitate  getting into trades or exit trades because of fear or anxiety or you find you give back profits after a winning streak this is a good choice topic.

Please write a brief description of the topic/topics you would like help with. Please include any of my courses, books, webinars you have studied.  

  • I want to learn  the structure of AB=CD, Butterfly, Gartley or 3 Drive 
  • Having difficulties identifying pattern setups correctly 
  • Trading plan is not working or I need help evaluating my trading plan 
  • I don't have a trading plan and would like to learn how to create one.
  • I have trouble executing my trade setups (no exit strategy, early entries, late entries, don't take profits when available, leave money on the table, etc.)
  • I want to learn support and resistance and trend line techniques to strengthen my trading skills.
  • I want to learn a routine that will help me prepare for the trading day

"It has been 1 year since I started with you in your Membership (Mentorship) program. It has been the best decision to have you as my Mentor. You have taught me so much and showed me how to trade to keep things simple and not lose sight of the basics... Thank you Leslie-- For your teaching and fantastic support to get me where I am today. I learn from you every day. You show me the nuances of the market on a daily basis. I finally found how I want to trade."
--D.S.Denver, Co.