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With this Trading Course Bundle, you receive ALL trading courses on, and additional Bonus materials to strengthen your trading skills and teach you to approach trading professionally.

Includes 2-year access to all course materials.

Benefits & Why You Should Learn Trading with These Courses.

  • I'm a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), which is the gold standard in technical analysis.
  • I am a member of the Chartered Market Technician's Association.
  • I've authored two published books, one in 5 languages; Trade What You See, How to Profit from Pattern Recognition.
  • Essentials of Trading, It's Not What You Think, It's HOW You Think, (included in your Course Bundle).
  • I've helped thousands of traders.
  • I'm a regular contributor on sharing my expertise.
  • I have the experience and the skills to improve your trading, both method and mindset, and to navigate these volatile markets.
  • You will learn proven trading setups for all markets and time frames.
  • You will learn to identify trade setups early to plan trades, risk, and exit strategies.
  • You will learn the powerful Butterfly reversal pattern along with 3 other repetitive trading setups.
  • You will learn details about these trade setups not found anywhere else because of my 25 plus years' experience.
  • You will learn trade management techniques for entries and exits.
  • You will learn how to create a simple trading plan.
  • You will learn how to fix trading errors that are very costly.
  • You will learn how to day-trade the S&P 500.
  • You will learn how to identify trends and ranges.
  • You will learn quality trading information and trade setups you can apply in any market and time frame.
  • You will increase your confidence learning this trading information.
  • You will have 2-year access to course materials to learn materials at your pace.

Bonus 3-months Weekly Market Setups Included

With this Course Bundle you will receive free 3-months access to the Weekly Market Setups subscription ($150 value). (Expires August 31, 2023).

Many traders need help learning market conditions and are often blindsided by changing market environments. You'll benefit by learning to identify different market environments with the Self-Study course and the free 3-months of Weekly Market Setups included when you sign-up for this special offer.

This is where you prepare for the next week's trading. I share my charts and trade setups for the coming week.

You will be prepared for trading each week.

Trading Course Bundle Includes:

  • 12-HourMastering Pattern Recognition Course ($697 on website)
  • This complete course is step-by-step instruction for trade setups, trade plans, trade management, and much more as you learn to master trading.
  • You'll receive 2 year-access to all courses, so you have plenty of time to study, and review the materials as often as you like.

These Bonus Courses Are Included

  • Introduction To Pattern Recognition - Covers the important structures of the trading setups. ($99 value)
  • Self-Study Course - Includes 'Live Trade Setups' (Real trades recorded) Over 8-hours of recorded trading materials from a live online seminar in 4 sessions. ($349 value)
  • S&P 500 Trend Day-Trading Course - Over 8-hours recorded from a live online seminar with 4 sessions. ($249 value)
  • Extra Bonus3-Months subscription to Weekly Market Setups. Trade setups, market analysis, and trading tips each week. ($150 value)

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At Checkout Enter Coupon Code for $200 Discount YM38DBXILD


"...And so many times I take away new techniques and knowledge that I can realize a return on quickly. Your lessons are very valuable, literally! I truly hope that you continue to so generously offer your services and lifelong work to others like myself for many years to come. T. Pitman

*The Intro to the Pattern Recognition class has indeed helped me understand that the markets do indeed move in an orderly fashion. I think that any trader, should be introduced to these concepts first within the context of market structure. M. Billings

Always amazed by the combination of technical tools that form your method and allow you to come up with clear conclusions. Jean-Marc

*"Hi Leslie, I purchased the above referenced course yesterday and must tell you that you are a very good teacher. After watching the videos just once, I have been able to see and draw the AB=CD, Gartley and Butterfly patterns on my charts. I will watch the videos again and again until it becomes second nature. I will let you know in a couple of months if I need the Self Study Trading Course. Thanks again for a great course and presentation." G. Ugorji

I finished the last section of the course last night.  You have outdone yourself! Using fibs in your master charts especially in trade management - planning profit / loss areas are totally new.  I also liked very much your adding of the history of Fibs. How you condensed the material in 12 hours is beyond me - awesome! – Alicia Jolis

I have been trading harmonic patterns for a long time. This course doubled my knowledge of trading the patterns overnight. Thanks, Leslie, for sharing your knowledge. Kyaw Htay

(Offer Expires June 5, 2023)


At Checkout Enter Coupon Code for $200 Discount YM38DBXILD

Simply put these trading materials are designed to help traders step-by-step learn how to become confident and successful in trading.

Best Wishes for Successful Trading!

Leslie Jouflas, CMT

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