Videos, Articles and Market Setups

Access over 100 videos and articles on pattern recognition using the AB=CD, Gartley, Butterfly patterns and classic technical analysis patterns such as flags, triangles, head and shoulders patterns.

Includes videos illustrating real trading examples and charts teaching you how to analyze support, resistance, breakouts, Japanese Candles, range trading and trend trading scenarios.

Learn how to read market internals such as, advance/decline lines, ticks and various indicators and using gap openings.

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Self Study Trading Course

This Self-Study Trading Course is designed for traders wanting in-depth materials and training on pattern recognition setups, such as the AB=CD, Gartley and Butterfly patterns covered in the book, "Trade What You See, How to Profit from Pattern Recognition" that they can study at their own pace.

The Trading Live Online Self Study Trading Course goes far beyond book learning and is designed to build skills for real-time trading. It teaches you strong skills using materials and actual market setups, recorded in real-time demonstrating how to identify and monitor setups that are forming.

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8 - Week One- On- One Course

The objective of this course is to strengthen trading skills and develop an individual trading plan based on the AB=CD, Gartley and Butterfly patterns through one on one mentoring . This course involves trader interaction with assignments and trading practice using a predefined trade plan that will be developed during the course.

This course is designed for traders who have knowledge and a foundation in pattern recognition with the AB=CD, Gartley and Butterfly patterns. This is for traders who may be having some difficulty in real time and want to improve and build their trading skills while developing a trading plan and striving for consistency.

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Mentoring Program

There is a mistaken belief that adding more and more information about trading and technical analysis methods is a key to success. It is not. Instead, at some point traders must learn to focus and learn a process of evaluating steps they take in trading and put that into a cohesive trading plan.

I enjoy helping traders find consistency, teaching them how to set and reach their goals, and seeing those goals turn into the foundation of people reaching for their dreams. I meet and form friendships with my "family" of traders. I stay in contact with many of the traders who have been part of this program over the years.

Learning to trade consistently, profitably and successfully is as much about identifying how traders actions both make and lose money. Most traders who find themselves in a constant cycle of making then losing money will benefit from this program. It gives you an opportunity to examine your current trading skill level and then improve, fine-tune and master your trading skills to profit consistently and receive personal feedback.

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