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Essencials of Trading

Leslie Jouflas, CMT, is a member of the Market Technicians Association and founder of this educational website for traders. I have co-authored two books, Trade What You See - How to Profit from Pattern Recognition and Essentials of Trading - It's Not What You Think, It's How You Think. I have published articles in various financial publications on Technical Analysis and have been a guest speaker for the Traders Expo and interviewed for the

I teach specific pattern recognition trading strategies that can be applied in both day trading and longer term trading. I offer several services to fit the needs of traders, whether you are just starting or are an experienced trader that has had a tough time achieving consistent results. I help traders who have been through ups and downs with their trading but have never been able to put the right pieces together in the right order at the right time.

Most traders who I work with are frustrated former customers of trading workshops, DVD programs and online webinars. Many have spent years and years trying to become successful and consistent in their trading and after much frustration are ready to give up. I help both traders in this situation and people who want to trade but want to avoid wasting years of time.

I enjoy helping traders find consistency, teaching them how to set and reach their goals, and seeing those goals turn into the foundation of people reaching for their dreams. I meet and form friendships with my "family" of traders. I stay in contact with many of the traders who have been part of this program over the years.

Here’s how I approach educating traders;

  • I understand the process of trading and how to teach a process of learning trading in steps that traders can follow.
  • I cover important topics that are not found in most programs, including trade exercises to develop the mental attitude to execute the trade setups.
  • Most traders have common issues and sometimes habits that are bringing negative results and keeping them from becoming successful skilled traders. I help them discover then change those habits to create new habits

These are the services I offer traders, if you would like more information or would like to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation to see which service is best for you please contact me at