Trusted Partners

Recommended Websites and Partners

It is important to have access to trusted referrals. The following is a list of experts in the field of trading who we know and have worked with, so we can wholeheartedly recommend their products or services.

  • Tim Bourquin of Trader Interviews conducts in-depth conversations with top independent stock, options, futures and Forex traders and posts them on this fascinating and educational website. Learn new stock trading strategies from traders who make money in the stock market each day. Visit the site
  • Steve Nison of is the leading expert in the field of Japanese candlesticks. His extensive and highly regarded research on the subject brought this important trading tool to Western Technical Analysis. Visit the site
  • Bennett McDowell of is an excellent resource for traders interested in learning Elliott Wave Analysis and Fibonacci who offers several excellent books on the subject of money management. Visit the site
  • Ensign Software has developed specific drawing tools that we use daily for the specific pattern setups found in the book"Trade What You See", How to Profit from Pattern Recognition. Visit the site
  • is a leader in bringing education to traders. Please visit the home page to view interviews with them at the Los Angeles Traders Expo. Visit the site
  • Mark Douglas is the well-known and respected author of Trading in the Zone and is considered one of the foremost experts on trading psychology. We strongly recommend his book as a part of all traders libraries. Visit the site