Trade What You See – How To Profit From Pattern Recognition

In Trade What You See – How To Profit From Pattern Recognition, the authors examine a technical approach to trading that will allow you to identify patterns as they’re developing, and discuss how to implement this method to effectively manage your trades. While some patterns are derived from the techniques of Wall Street's earliest traders, others reflect Pesavento's emphasis on the geometry of market movements and Fibonacci numbers.

Engaging and accessible, this detailed guide uses a variety of stocks and markets—in numerous chart examples—to illustrate how particular patterns form in different markets and time frames. Once you have a solid foundation in the area of pattern structures, you'll become familiar with how these patterns are traded and discover the best ways to integrate them into your own trading endeavors.

Essentials of Trading: It’s Not WHAT You Think, It’s HOW You Think

The collector's edition of this remarkable book featured a jacket that’s silver-foil stamped on rich leather-like binding. It will be a beautiful addition to your trading literature, and a valuable addition to your trading knowledge. More than 100 articles on every essential aspect of trading are included from veteran traders Larry Pesavento and Leslie Jouflas, CMT. This enlightening and educational book is a wonderful resource about all facets of trading, with articles ranging from discipline and handling the unexpected to all ranges of emotions experienced throughout a trading career. The articles exemplify the incredibly close-knit connections of trading to real life.