TLO Mentoring Program

Trading Live Online Mentoring Program

There is a mistaken belief that adding more and more information about trading and technical analysis methods is a key to success. It is not. Instead, at some point traders must learn to focus and learn a process of evaluating steps they take in trading and put that into a cohesive trading plan.

I enjoy helping traders find consistency, teaching them how to set and reach their goals, and seeing those goals turn into the foundation of people reaching for their dreams. I meet and form friendships with my "family" of traders. I stay in contact with many of the traders who have been part of this program over the years.

Learning to trade consistently, profitably and successfully is as much about identifying how traders actions both make and lose money. Most traders who find themselves in a constant cycle of making then losing money will benefit from this program. It gives you an opportunity to examine your current trading skill level and then improve, fine-tune and master your trading skills to profit consistently and receive personal feedback.

Many traders find they have large amounts of knowledge and information on trading and yet haven’t been able to put together a technique for making consistent profits. This hands-on program includes real-time exercises to get you "over the hump."

"It has been 1 year since I started with you in your Membership (Mentorship) program. It has been the best decision to have you as my Mentor. You have taught me so much and showed me how to trade to keep things simple and not lose sight of the basics... Thank you Leslie-- For your teaching and fantastic support to get me where I am today. I learn from you every day. You show me the nuances of the market on a daily basis. I finally found how I want to trade." D.S.Denver, Co.

This program is for traders who:

  • Want to build and increase their skills
  • Be in an environment of community support
  • Receive personal feedback on trading exercises
  • Learn to build trading skills to become consistent in their trading
  • Outline plans to reach goals
  • Use a simple trading plan
  • Learn to recognize and eliminate costly trading errors

"I've learned something valuable from every trade review I've listened to..I just finished today..great stuff." J.R.Chicago IL

The TLO Mentorship Program includes:

  • Access to all website mentoring materials and the Trading Live Online Video Mentor
  • 1 Copy of 'Trade What You See - How to Profit from Pattern Recognition, Trading in the Zone' and 'A Traders Money Management System'
  • 3 Day Recorded Seminar - Learn to be Successful as a Trader and materials ($695.00 Value)
  • TLO Live Trade Series recordings on the ABCD/Gartley and Butterfly Patterns ($299.00 Value)
  • Recorded webinars and Power Points on learning the pattern structures of the ABCD, Gartley, Butterfly and 3 Drive pattern
  • Coaching reviews - over 40+ hours of coaching reviews that you can study at your own pace
  • Self-study workbook
  • Personal coaching on pattern recognition to ensure you can find your trade setups
  • Exercises designed to build confidence and increase trading skills
  • Worksheets and spreadsheets
  • Feedback on your trading exercises
  • Ongoing support and educational meetings

TLO Mentorship Program Benefits

  • No program expiration - you may take as long as you like to learn and study
  • Learn proven trade setups
  • Learn to use a trading plan
  • Coaching reviews help you learn to fine-tune your trading skills
  • Specific exercises to execute your written trade plan
  • Specific worksheets/spreadsheets to track your performance
  • Improve trading skills
  • Learn to identify costly trading errors
  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Build confidence
  • Support from professional traders and a community of traders working toward common goals

Mental Mastery and Routines

Learning to master the mental side of trading is well over half the battle. Our website has important information and articles on this aspect of trading. The recorded coaching reviews are invaluable in providing insights to developing the traders mindset. Working in a group environment can greatly help you improve the mental side of trading and the website has an entire section of articles devoted to this topic.

You’ll begin developing a routine to prepare for the next day’s trading. Preparation is a big key to trading and you should be developing personal routines to meet this objective. Preparation is also a key to the mental side of trading.This is also the phase where you’ll begin identifying any repetitive trading errors that may be holding you back and costing you considerable sums of money both in losses and lost opportunities.

"I can wholeheartedly recommend Leslie as a teacher. In the annual program you will get individual attention first with the pattern recognition. You will then get individual attention in both the development of a trading plan and in specific personal feedback on how you are doing implementing your plan... I'd say that my trading has moved forward exponentially because I now have a mentor." D.F. London, England

The cost of the program, including full access to the website, access to over 40+ hours of coaching reviews, workbook, worksheets and spreadsheets, ongoing educational classes and personal support and feedback support is $3900.00.

Please feel free to email me any questions at

Best wishes for your successful trading!

Leslie Jouflas, CMT

Member Market Technicians Association

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